Help birds to nest

Help birds to nest on the reserve

Posted on  by Jane Browne

Sedge Warbler
Song Thrush

A special request from Friends of The Hook. Please keep to the main paths on The Hook nature reserve so that wildlife is not disturbed. The path from Holme Grove toward the river has woodland on the right and scrub on the left. Both of these areas are really important habitats for nesting birds and breeding mammals. We are also trying to get rarer birds such as Garden Warbler, Willow Warbler and Lesser Whitethroat to stay and nest, so please be considerate and do not disturb them. If nesting birds are disturbed, they will often abandon their nest. We have put up signs to ask people to keep out of these areas – thanks to everyone who has been following this.

Friends of The Hook has worked hard over the winter planting trees, shrubs and wildflowers to improve habitats for people and wildlife. We hope you enjoy them.

A lot more people are using The Hook because of lockdown – please use it responsibly and make space for nature.

Photos taken by Keith Rainford on The Hook. 1 Sedge warbler, 2 Song thrush, 3 Bullfinch,