Hook Watch February 2020

A report from Keith Rainford on ‘Hook Watch’ Saturday 8th February 2020

What a great start to the weekend. The morning began fairly warm(ish). At least 3 Song Thrushes singing their hearts out and then two quick views of Sparrowhawk and a male Bullfinch. The temperature however quickly dropped as the group were treated to a second display of singing by a significant number of Greenfinches – at least 12 with a supporting cast of Goldfinches, a few Great Tits and the odd Chaffinch, Robin and Blackbird. Further into the walk the jackpot was hit with stunning views of at least 3 male and 1 female Bullfinch – 3 together in one ‘favoured’ tree. Elsewhere over the river and the grassland, Black-headed Gulls were ever present joined at times by a few Rooks. The river itself was quietish – probably due to the number of boats from the local boat clubs, however Cormorants were regularly seen along with the odd Moorhen and Mallard. The other usual corvids, Woodpigeons and Ferals were around to complete the picture.

25 species for the day.