Meadow Making

Thanks to a ‘Boost for Biodiversity’ grant from Severn Trent we have been able to undertake more meadow making on The Hook. Greenfields contractors have power harrowed a swathe of grassland on the main field and sown a long-season mix of wildflower seed, with extra Yellow Rattle seed, to help weaken the strong growing grass. The area is by the existing grass paths, so you’ll be able to see the flowers up close.

Sections of the orchard have also been harrowed and sown with seed. The aim is to create a Wildflower Walk through this central area of the reserve, adding plant diversity to feed insects and, in turn, birds.

The Yellow Rattle is an annual and will flower and set seed in its first year. Other seeds will germinate, but may take a couple of years to flower, so we’ll have to be patient!

All the seed has been sourced from Naturescape, the local wildflower supplier in Langar Notts