Big Butterfly Count July 2020

We’ve been recording the different butterflies that are out and about on The Hook Nature Reserve every week. Last week we saw 35 butterflies: Large White (8) Small White (8) Red Admiral (1) Small Tortoiseshell (1) Peacock (1) Speckled Wood (4) and Gatekeeper (10)Earlier in the year we’ve also seen Small Skipper, Large Skipper, Orange Tip, Holly Blue, Brimstone, Green Veined White, Meadow Brown, Comma and Ringlet.

By keeping these records, we can see how butterflies are doing and if we can do more to help them by planting the right plants and flowers. There’s also a national ‘Big Butterfly Count’ you can join in. Butterfly Conservation is asking people to go out and spot butterflies for 15 minutes – a warm, still day is best – and send your records to them before August 9th. In this way they can build up a picture of how butterflies are doing. You can download a useful app which helps identify butterflies and find out more by following the link

If you spot anything interesting on the reserve, let us know. Message Friends of The Hook on Facebook or email